MTL in English.



Who are we?
We are We represent the neighbourhood (Oostelijk Havengebied) on campus. You can find us in a portacabin near the entrance of the campus.

What do we do, at FabCity Campus?
Our portacabin is the missing link between FabCity Campus and the neighbourhood. We are open to all kinds of initiatives from the ‘hood’ and its residents. We want to match, inform, entertain and stimulate demand and supply. You can look at it as the Campus tourist office, complete with suggestion box. Our portacabin, named de Keet, has already become the smallest theater in the Netherlands, with room for nine people in our ‘main hall’. We organise performances and talkshows, hearings and lectures; we make a podcast and a weekly news update. We want the MTL portacabin to be the hangout for the neighbourhood and the campus’ constructors. It’s a perfect meeting place.

Why did we come to FabCity Campus?
We think neighbours should be part of FabCity. The word ‘local’ seems to be on everyone’s lips these days. We ARE local. A campus without the neighbourhood is not a campus at all. And a neighbourhood without our Keet, is not a neighbourhood.

What are our goals?
We hope to instigate and document as many meetings and matches as possible. We want to make sure the neighbourhood will come out of this event stronger than before, both digitally and socially. We promote our brand new community site
And we are open to all kinds of initiatives from the neighbours. We will start on March 20th at noon, with performances and podcast talkshows. And we will have a traditional bonfire at 4 pm – bring your own wood!

Who will you meet?
We come with many, for the many. We will exploit the power of a small stage to its fullest at FabCity Campus. And maybe even after the campus is gone. We receive and transmit and create an archive of local stories, for now and the future.

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